I Met that Tommy Robinson Geezer

I met that Tommy Robinson geezer last September in Prague. You know, the guy who trashed Piers Morgan last week on GMB over the Finsbury Park incident.

How I met Tommy Robinson - Russell Cavanagh.

Tommy – real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon – Robinson has been vilified for years over his outspoken criticism of Islam’s non-integration into UK culture, particularly for highlighting unpleasant Muslim practices such as grooming, drugging, raping and pimping British children.

Politicians, police and media, apparently all apologists for the excesses of Islam, continually choose to “play the man” by smearing Robinson rather than answering painfully simple points he puts forward – mainly facts anyone can find littered across independent news sites and even these days from legacy media outlets.

But after his appearance on Good Morning Britain, hosted by discredited journalist Piers Morgan and some forgettable bimbo, Robinson really burst into the mainstream conscious of a nation where even two years ago a majority 55 percent thought Islam incompatible with British values. Continue reading

Those Nurses Figures

Nurses from EU states no longer want to come to Britain, thanks in part to Brexit. But is that such a bad thing?

Nursing jobs may become easier to get now that brexit is keeping away EU competition.

The statistics are dramatic, with a 96% drop in less than a year of EU nurses registering to practice in the UK. There’s no way to deny brexit Britain has become unattractive for many outsiders.

Sceptics point to a requirement that foreign nationals have had to comply with stringent British Council regulations, such as by having good use of English, since January 2016. But the chart above does not support such views.

Recruiting locally

“We’re sick of being stuck in a reserve pool, working at a lower grade for less money and being overlooked by HR managers recruiting from outside”

The wider implications of this supply drop may alleviate the plight of qualified nurses having to work in the NHS as assistants due to insufficient vacancies. Continue reading

This Irradiated Dystopia

A tech-based dystopia is not coming, it’s already here.

The World Economic Forum is currently pushing for a world where property ownership is reduced and where ‘the cloud’ controls everyone’s vehicles remotely and centrally.


The “clean air” claim in the above tweet is particularly laughable when one considers how much RF radiation and other pollutants surround us each and every day.

Interview with US activist Amy O’Hair Continue reading

Millennials Staying Home Longer

Impoverished millennials are staying with their parents into their 30s on average and 40% of parents worry their children will never be able to buy a home.

High house prices, an increase in take-up of tertiary education and other economic factors are all forcing young people to live with their parents across Britain.

A recent Gocompare.com survey found that:

  • Many parents expect their offspring may reach 32 years of age before they will be able to consider buying their own property;
  • A fifth say their children are more likely to inherit a home than buy one;
  • Just under one in ten (9%) said they would encourage their kids to emigrate and buy a home abroad.

On average, the research found that most parents pegged the expected age of leaving at 25. Continue reading

Ban the BBC!

TV Licensing, that strong-arm tool of the BBC, reminds us today that the yearly cost of a television licence just rose to £147.

Quite why there’s any need for publicly funded media in this internet age is beyond me. Numerous studies from both the US and UK show that television audiences currently average well over 55-years-old and continue to age year on year as younger generations stay online for their news and entertainment.

Of course, many irrational souls still bleat on nostalgically about “Aunty Beeb” and try to justify its existence as a very British institution. These are people whose childhoods consisted of just two (later three) TV channels and weekends spent over the comics sections of their fathers’ newspapers. They now wear sandals and live with two or more cats. Continue reading

RadioShack and Tandy Nostalgia

Fox Business reported today developments in the sad case of declining tech company RadioShack.

March 09, 2017

U.S. electronics chain RadioShack filed for bankruptcy on Wednesday for the second time in a little over two years, faced with a challenging retail environment and an unsatisfying partnership with wireless provider Sprint Corp.


I bought a neat piece of spying equipment in the early 1990s, an analogue microphone that you licked before sticking it to your phone in order to tape conversations unobtrusively.

It came in handy for recording story sources when I was working as a print journalist, allowing me 100% accuracy in repeating whatever I was told. Continue reading

Small Business Backbone – Video Documentary

Almost five years ago I produced a short documentary about local food producers in South Yorkshire, England.

Filming started in March 2012 and after its release in June that year the video attracted several tens of thousands of views across a number of specialist documentary websites and online platforms.

Unfortunately, the original video file was lost. However, a third-generation edit is up on Youtube.

The story is one of two food producers bucking the trend of austerity so prevalent across the UK at that time. The dairy farm was losing money and the bee-keeper had lost his IT career.

Given the populism manifesting in Europe right now and taking into account the fact that any nation’s economy is highly dependent on small businesses, I thought I’d share it again, this time on this blog:

There’s also a cut-down edit that features only the dairy farm story and you can find that here.