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DUP Petition Update

I reported a while back on a petition that I judged to be a clever hoax. It seems I was wrong and that the campaign was, instead, just plainly insane.

The petition was raised against an alliance between Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party and the UK Conservatives after the June 8 general election.

I deduced in a previous post that it was an ingenious trolling exercise designed to take the piss out of the Left.

My rationale went as follows:

  • Petition started by one “Winston Churchill” (i.e., a dead politician) and so could be dismissed by Parliament’s petitions committee;
  • The unsavoury attributions to the DUP accurately fit any criticism of Islam and Sharia law (so unquestioningly supported by leftists);
  • The Labour Party itself sought a coalition deal with the DUP in 2010 under then leader Gordon Brown.

“What a bloody clever trolling,” I thought. But I was wrong. “Winston Churchill” has now altered his name on the petition to reveal his identity as one Stuart Veaney.

Mr Veaney appears from his Twitter feed to be a staunch supporter of Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, a characteristic that seems somewhat at odds with his “Proud supporter of honest politics” Twitter bio statement.

The petition has reached over 750,000 signatures – though they will no doubt be worth verifying in order to weed out a good few thousand fakes.

However, the other two bullet points, both extraordinary in themselves, remain to be answered. Strangely, the Left remains silent on those.

(NOTE: Although details of a deal between the Conservatives and the DUP have been announced, the petitions committee has not been assembled at time of writing.)

I Met that Tommy Robinson Geezer

I met that Tommy Robinson geezer last September in Prague. You know, the guy who trashed Piers Morgan last week on GMB over the Finsbury Park incident.

How I met Tommy Robinson - Russell Cavanagh.

Tommy – real name Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon – Robinson has been vilified for years over his outspoken criticism of Islam’s non-integration into UK culture, particularly for highlighting unpleasant Muslim practices such as grooming, drugging, raping and pimping British children.

Politicians, police and media, apparently all apologists for the excesses of Islam, continually choose to “play the man” by smearing Robinson rather than answering painfully simple points he puts forward – mainly facts anyone can find littered across independent news sites and even these days from legacy media outlets.

But after his appearance on Good Morning Britain, hosted by discredited journalist Piers Morgan and some forgettable bimbo, Robinson really burst into the mainstream conscious of a nation where even two years ago a majority 55 percent thought Islam incompatible with British values. Continue reading

George Galloway Blocked Me

I was slightly surprised that ex-Member of Parliament George Galloway blocked me on Twitter last night. Or rather, surprised he took so long.

George Galloway blockes independent populist blogger Russell Cavanagh on Twitter.

I wrote a blog article on June 16 about a minor but very odd exchange we had on Twitter over his criticism of Conservative politician Boris Johnson after the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

But Galloway didn’t block me for that, despite the fact we were following each other’s Twitter accounts.

It could have been for any number of reasons, though I think this may be it:

He posted a message on Twitter containing a link to part of an episode from House of cards where a fictitious UK Prime Minister is without compassion after a gas explosion in a tower block of flats. Continue reading

Twitter Spat With George Galloway

The great orator and ex-Member of Parliament George Galloway was reduced to using unexplained innuendo in a Twitter spat we had today over Tory MP Boris Johnson and the terrible Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Mr Galloway had tweeted “Boris Johnson is a dead duck. A Dodo” in response to fire service downsizing ordered by the former Mayor of London which he conflated with the Grenfell Tower incident.

Fearing Mr Galloway was resorting to irrationality at what is a time of high emotion for us all, I replied, “C’mon George, the fire brigade arrived within 6 mins. Don’t stoop to Corbyn’s level conflating stuff for rhetoric.” I also included a link to an article by Andre Walker on observer.com to explain my response.

Galloway then replied, cryptically, ” A journalist writes …”.

Having been a great fan of Mr Galloway’s magnificent demolition in 2005 of a US Senate committee’s investigation into the Oil for Iraq scandal, I was unimpressed and uncomprehending with his three words. Continue reading

May’s M’aidez after Grenfell Tower

Prime Minister Theresa May was pilloried for not speaking to Grenfell Tower residents when she visited the site of the tragic housing fire yesterday.

Why Mrs May avoided consoling victims rendered homeless and missing loved ones remains unknown.

Her apparent lack of compassion comes exactly one week after losing her previously small majority at general election. That result brought derision from political opponents both at home and across the European Union.

Labour’s Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn gained wide coverage in mainstream media through his visit. Images of Corbyn hugging victims boosted his popularity among Labour supporters. Continue reading

Preventing Another Grenfell Tower Tragedy

Is there any way to prevent another disaster like the Grenfell Tower tragedy from happening again?

Was the Grebfell Tower fire preventable?

Bad building material used in a £10 million refurbishment completed just a year ago at Grenfell Tower and inadequate regulation have both been blamed for the horrific fire.

The building is owned by Kensington & Chelsea Council and managed by Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation

Many of the 24-storey tower block’s estimated 500-600 residents were reportedly from ethnic backgrounds. At least 12 people have died so far and many dozens more have been seriously injured. Of course, all are now homeless. Continue reading

Faith Lost in Farron

Tim Farron resigned his leadership of the Liberal Democrat Party earlier today. His reasons give food for thought.

Farron’s statement attempts to shore up a claim of “putting the Lib Dems back on the map”.

The party certainly increased its number of MPs in Parliament by 50 percent – from eight before the 2017 snap election to 12 – though his immediate predecessor Nick Clegg had once enjoyed support from as many as 57 elected members.

But Farron is a career politician and as such comes across as being a political lightweight. He graduated with a BA in Politics just a year before being elected to Lancashire County Council in 1993. He entered Parliament in 2005 as MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale, a constituency he retained in 2010, 2015 and 2017.

His performance in media appearances during the 2017 general election seemed largely unfocused, being unable to give straight answers to almost any questions posed by interviewers. Continue reading

May’s EU Approach to Censorship

Theresa May believes in promoting online censorship to fight terror and extremism. In doing so, she falls nicely in line with her EU counterparts.

Theresa May and Emmanuel Macron choose online censorship in their war on terror.

During her first foreign trip since performing dismally in last week’s general election, PM May and French President Emmanuel Macron yesterday announced further crackdowns on extremist content online.

Of course, dealing with recent terrorist atrocities in both Britain and France were high on the agenda for May and Macron’s meeting, So they chose to counter those horrific by assaulting Facebook and Google.

Mrs May said at a joint press conference that the UK is already working with internet companies “to stop the spread of extremist material that is warping young minds”.

A joint statement with Macron further announced intentions to create a new legal obligation under which web firms would be fined if they didn’t “abide by their social responsibility to step up their efforts to remove harmful content”.

EU censorship project

However, there are ongoing concerns from independent media organisations and freedom advocates that such laws may instead be used to suppress critics of European Union policies, such as indiscriminate immigration from Middle East and North African countries. Continue reading

Those Nurses Figures

Nurses from EU states no longer want to come to Britain, thanks in part to Brexit. But is that such a bad thing?

Nursing jobs may become easier to get now that brexit is keeping away EU competition.

The statistics are dramatic, with a 96% drop in less than a year of EU nurses registering to practice in the UK. There’s no way to deny brexit Britain has become unattractive for many outsiders.

Sceptics point to a requirement that foreign nationals have had to comply with stringent British Council regulations, such as by having good use of English, since January 2016. But the chart above does not support such views.

Recruiting locally

“We’re sick of being stuck in a reserve pool, working at a lower grade for less money and being overlooked by HR managers recruiting from outside”

The wider implications of this supply drop may alleviate the plight of qualified nurses having to work in the NHS as assistants due to insufficient vacancies. Continue reading

DUP Petition Trolls Left?

A petition started against a Conservative alliance with the Democratic Unionist Party is surely a magnificent piece of trolling. Here’s why!

Everyone knows the Conservatives failed to reach a majority with which to form a government after last Thursday’s national election. We also know that the Tories are pinning hopes on a deal with the DUP to benefit from their 10 MPs’ support.

In a petition destined for 10 Downing Street, an individual named Winston Churchill laid out the following concerns:

Here is a list of DUP stances, in case you need a reminder:

The DUP want to make it legal to discriminate against anyone from the LGBT community.

The DUP want children to be taught creationism as scientific fact.

The DUP want no woman to have access to any type of abortion, and furthermore criminalise anyone offering or seeking that service.

The DUP want to bring back the death penalty

Theresa May should RESIGN. This is a disgusting, desperate attempt to stay in power.

The petition has certainly brought excitement to the government’s opponents, primarily hailing from the defeated Left, and reached 721,674 signatures as of this morning. It needs only 100,000 to be considered for a parliamentary debate.

But three items of evidence suggest that instead of being a valid campaign against the new government, it is in fact a massive trolling of hypocrisy on the political Left: Continue reading

Theresa May Brexit Conspiracy?

Did EU chief Juncker really advise UK Prime Minister May to hold a snap election because of brexit fears? Maybe, maybe not …

Russell Cavanagh writes about EU interference in the UK 2017 general election.

Toby Helm and Daniel Boffey wrote in yesterday’s Guardian/Observer newspaper that EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker had repeatedly advised Mrs. May to hold a snap election.

Buried in an article entitled ‘Drop hard Brexit plans’, leading Tory and Labour MPs tell May, Helm and Boffey wrote: “The Observer has learned that May took the fateful decision to call the election having been urged to do so by European Union commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.”

Juncker’s advice was allegedly due to a fear that the Conservative government’s then slim majority of 12 seats would make brexit negotiations difficult. We now, of course, know that the Conservatives lost that majority at last Thursday’s snap election.

But the Observer/Guardian journalists also wrote: “’During bilaterals, in the margins of summits, Juncker repeatedly told her he thought she should do it,’ one EU source said.”

Although several other UK titles picked up and ran the story, none have been able to name that elusive “EU source”. Continue reading

Heroes or Losers?

Leftist media seeks to place Jeremy Corbyn on a pedestal after his party’s dismal result in last Thursday’s General Election. But is this in any way warranted?

The Guardian and other left-leaning news outlets are today proclaiming Corbyn a hero of the Labour Party in their post-election opinion pieces. Despite losing substantially, he’s nonetheless declared a winner, perhaps even a “populist” .

Riddle me this!

But riddle me this, as the Riddler from Batman would oft tease: Heroic Corbyn’s Labour won 261 seats in Parliament on Thursday yet the party under Neil Kinnock managed 271 MPs in 1992 – when he was subsequently dubbed a “loser”. Uh?

Add that May’s Conservatives gathered 13,650,900 votes this time round, against Labour’s 12,858,652. That Tory count adds up to more than Tony Blair’s “landslide victory” of 1997 when his New Labour agenda garnered only 13,518,167 votes (the Conservatives collected 9,600,943 that year under John Major). Continue reading

Electorate Drawn and Quartered

Britain’s General Election was won by no one. The result, as we now know, was a hung parliament – and an electorate rendered drawn and quartered.

I said here yesterday that the contest was a choice of the least worst. The election result bears this out as no party managed to pass the magical 326 out of 650 seats on offer. At time of writing, the Tories have 318 MPs and Labour 261.

The Tories snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Recall that just over a month ago they were demolishing Labour in local and mayoral elections across the country, reducing their power base in town halls almost to a rump.

However, May is visiting Buckingham Palace today to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s permission to form a government. She will pin her hopes on a possible coalition with the highly conservative Democratic Unionist Party which now controls 10 of Northern Ireland’s 18 parliamentary seats.
Continue reading

Least-Worst Election

It’s half past eight here on this sunny Prague morning and thousands of polling stations opened just over 30 minutes ago in Britain.

Despite living, for now, in the Czech Republic, I could have voted today but chose not to.

Sure, it’s clearly vital to know who will manage brexit, manage the national economy and provide appropriate responses to a Europe terrified from both within and without.

But no party standing today ticks more than one of any of these boxes, if any. They offer only a choice of who might be least worst if elected.

The offerings are below pitiful, despite the country facing its most important set of crises since World War II.

  • Theresa May and the Conservatives want to police the internet more tightly in the name of “fighting extremism” and “hate speech”. This effectively means doing little about religion-based violence on our streets while stifling dissent and criticism of government online. It’s also odd that a party dedicated to small government is actually incubating a police state.
  • Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has neither held down a real job nor even completed a college education in his life. But he has consorted with terrorists from Hamas, the IRA, et al. Labour’s team of would-be ministers have never failed to embarrass themselves when questioned about any detail in their manifesto pledges.
  • Leader of the Liberal Democrat rump party is Tim Farron. His constant evasions and filibustering suggests a man who’d rather be somewhere else entirely. With eight MPs in the previous parliament, Lib Dems stand no chance winning.
  • No other party is worth comment.

Schools closed for the day, community centres and town halls form temporary polling stations where people will visit until 10 o’clock tonight. All venues will surely be on highest alert after very recent terror attacks in London and Manchester.

But it only takes one nutter with a kitchen knife, one lunatic behind the wheel of a car, or a martyr wrapped in explosive belts. Lord knows there have been plenty of volunteers so far, committing atrocities right across Europe and beyond.

And when I return to England soon, for I must, will I find a nation begging for martial law in response to daily terrors? Or will Great Britain have transformed into a socialist utopia modeled after Venezuela?

I’ll find out soon enough. We all will.