My name, if you hadn’t guessed, isĀ Russell Cavanagh.

I was a print journalist on national UK titles in the 1990s and have occasionally written for online financial sites since then.

Having worked with Charter 88 campaign for democratic reform and with left-leaning pressure groups in London when I was younger, I’m now best described as a small-state populist.

What people have said about my writing:

  • “Writing Worth Reading” – Scotsman newspaper
  • “Cavanagh has a knack for making sense of the Pound” – ChooseMoney.co.uk
  • “Cavanagh is always bang on the money” – Mature Times
  • “Quality journalism and a good read” – Mercury Newspaper

Since then I’ve freelanced in multimedia production, taught Business English abroad, and worked as a copywriter and sub-editor.

Anyone wishing to contributeĀ an article or topic idea for consideration is welcome. I’m also available for freelance writing and journalism gigs.

Please get in touch using the form below and I’ll email you back: