DUP Petition Update

I reported a while back on a petition that I judged to be a clever hoax. It seems I was wrong and that the campaign was, instead, just plainly insane.

The petition was raised against an alliance between Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party and the UK Conservatives after the June 8 general election.

I deduced in a previous post that it was an ingenious trolling exercise designed to take the piss out of the Left.

My rationale went as follows:

  • Petition started by one “Winston Churchill” (i.e., a dead politician) and so could be dismissed by Parliament’s petitions committee;
  • The unsavoury attributions to the DUP accurately fit any criticism of Islam and Sharia law (so unquestioningly supported by leftists);
  • The Labour Party itself sought a coalition deal with the DUP in 2010 under then leader Gordon Brown.

“What a bloody clever trolling,” I thought. But I was wrong. “Winston Churchill” has now altered his name on the petition to reveal his identity as one Stuart Veaney.

Mr Veaney appears from his Twitter feed to be a staunch supporter of Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, a characteristic that seems somewhat at odds with his “Proud supporter of honest politics” Twitter bio statement.

The petition has reached over 750,000 signatures – though they will no doubt be worth verifying in order to weed out a good few thousand fakes.

However, the other two bullet points, both extraordinary in themselves, remain to be answered. Strangely, the Left remains silent on those.

Of course, Mr Veaney may just be a further development in the hoax.

(NOTE: Although details of a deal between the Conservatives and the DUP have been announced, the petitions committee has not been assembled at time of writing.)