George Galloway Blocked Me

I was slightly surprised that ex-Member of Parliament George Galloway blocked me on Twitter last night. Or rather, surprised he took so long.

George Galloway blockes independent populist blogger Russell Cavanagh on Twitter.

I wrote a blog article on June 16 about a minor but very odd exchange we had on Twitter over his criticism of Conservative politician Boris Johnson after the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

But Galloway didn’t block me for that, despite the fact we were following each other’s Twitter accounts.

It could have been for any number of reasons, though I think this may be it:

He posted a message on Twitter containing a link to part of an episode from House of cards where a fictitious UK Prime Minister is without compassion after a gas explosion in a tower block of flats.

In the tweet, he wrote, “Grenfell Tower disaster parallels in House of Cards, 1993. on Vimeo”.

I watched the clip, and actually agreed to myself that there were parallels with (real-life) Prime Minister Theresa May’s apparent lack of compassion shown after Grenfell Tower.

However, there was also a part in the video where the King of England was accused of seeking a photo opportunity out of visiting the story’s fictitious tower block disaster.

Given that Opposition Leader Jeremy Corbyn – an ally of Galloway’s – has used the (real) Grenfell Tower incident to gain much publicity, I replied to Galloway’s tweet saying “Corbyn certainly maximised the photo opportunities”.

Whether this caused him to block me, I’ll never know. He would certainly have seen other tweets of mine that were not friendly towards Corbyn, Labour or the feral Left currently storming public buildings in London.

All of us have probably un-friended or un-followed people on social media if they are persistently annoying or dull. Likely we go so far as to block them entirely should they be targeting abuse at us.

But the Left does have a knack of blocking people when they can’t put up a reasoned argument if their illogical arguments or outright hypocrisy are called out.

I suspect yesterday was one such occasion.