Theresa May Brexit Conspiracy?

Did EU chief Juncker really advise UK Prime Minister May to hold a snap election because of brexit fears? Maybe, maybe not …

Russell Cavanagh writes about EU interference in the UK 2017 general election.

Toby Helm and Daniel Boffey wrote in yesterday’s Guardian/Observer newspaper that EU commission president Jean-Claude Juncker had repeatedly advised Mrs. May to hold a snap election.

Buried in an article entitled ‘Drop hard Brexit plans’, leading Tory and Labour MPs tell May, Helm and Boffey wrote: “The Observer has learned that May took the fateful decision to call the election having been urged to do so by European Union commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.”

Juncker’s advice was allegedly due to a fear that the Conservative government’s then slim majority of 12 seats would make brexit negotiations difficult. We now, of course, know that the Conservatives lost that majority at last Thursday’s snap election.

But the Observer/Guardian journalists also wrote: “’During bilaterals, in the margins of summits, Juncker repeatedly told her he thought she should do it,’ one EU source said.”

Although several other UK titles picked up and ran the story, none have been able to name that elusive “EU source”.


Theresa May was an ardent campaigner for Britain to remain in the EU. She also surrounded herself with ministers with predominantly similar views.

Researching May’s record online shows that she is undeniably a globalist politician: That is to say, traditional conservative values based on strong national sovereignty do not apply to her.

It’s therefore easy for cynics to speculate that Juncker’s unattributable advice perhaps resonated more closely with May’s spectacularly lacklustre disaster of an election campaign.

Was it intended to derail the brexit process and reverse June 2016’s democratic decision by the people? We may never know. Reporters using an unnamed source is hardly factual journalism.

There is therefore neither basis of evidence for Helm and Boffey’s benevolent assertion in their story nor solid justification for my own feverishly conspiratorial thoughts.