Ban the BBC!

TV Licensing, that strong-arm tool of the BBC, reminds us today that the yearly cost of a television licence just rose to £147.

Quite why there’s any need for publicly funded media in this internet age is beyond me. Numerous studies from both the US and UK show that television audiences currently average well over 55-years-old and continue to age year on year as younger generations stay online for their news and entertainment.

Of course, many irrational souls still bleat on nostalgically about “Aunty Beeb” and try to justify its existence as a very British institution. These are people whose childhoods consisted of just two (later three) TV channels and weekends spent over the comics sections of their fathers’ newspapers. They now wear sandals and live with two or more cats.

And TV Licensing enforces the licence fee, usually with apparent enthusiasm, claiming that over 97% of households watch terrestrial television – as it has done since at least as far back as the pre-internet days of the 1990s. It uses this figure to make lazy assumptions that we all need to cough up.

Indeed, non-payment may mean this private company (its web address ends in “”) prosecutes citizens and even tries to get them fined or imprisoned via the criminal courts.

An appropriate web search will uncover a few organisations informing people of their rights in dealing with Take care in making sure any advice is reliable when dealing with the British broadcasting anachronism’s henchmen.