Short Documentary on the Animated GIF

This is a great seven-minute video from PBSoffbook on Youtube.

The mini-documentary explains how the gif format emerged in the 1980s and has endured to make a comeback in recent years. Countless websites use animated gif images and they provide a creative alternative to still illustrations.

However, I particularly like the concept of capturing quiet but memorable snippets as memories, such as with the example in the film of the couple hailing a taxi (where were they off to???).

Homage to iPhone

I shot this priest when I lived recently in Prague.

It was originally a street portrait, for he was a complete stranger who kindly agreed to pose. I loved the cross in one hand and iPhone in the other – perhaps providing a spare channel for talking to God.

Coming in at just over 500kb, this file may be slow to load over poorer internet connections and phone networks. However, any such .gif embedded into a commercial site would usually be significantly smaller in size.

Hand-held GIF

This simple, hand-held gif – i.e., no tripod used – was shot at Ibrox Subway station in Glasgow over the weekend.

Now I’ve researched and figured out the best way of making animated .gif images, using GIMP image-editing software, I’m planning much more ambitious projects. Stay tuned.